Undergraduate Advising with Sandra Maddox

Current MSE majors and minors

  • Please schedule a 15 minute appointment for graduation applications or quick questions
  • Please schedule a 30 minute appointment for virtually everything else

Contact me directly at sbmaddox@uw.edu if you have an emergency, you need an appointment within the next two hours, or if these times do not work for you.

Prospective students and all others seeking appointments

  • 15-30 minutes appointments should also work for you, but please contact me directly at sbmaddox@uw.edu if you have questions
  • Please note that current Pre-Engineering students at the UW should generally be advised by Pre-Engineering advisors . It is ok though to make an appointment with me if you have questions specific to MSE.

Everyone: Please provide complete information about the purpose of your appointment when asked. It helps me be ready for your visit!

Office Location: 302A Roberts Hall

Appointments may be scheduled here up to 3 weeks in advance. Please check back for additional availability

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